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Spring Delivery Special! Orders over $49.99, delivered for just $9.95!
Spring Delivery Special! Orders over $49.99, delivered for just $9.95!
Hip Hop Happy Easter

Hip Hop Happy Easter

Easter is one of the best times of the year, and here's why. Colors start coming back (to parties as well as the earth) Bunnys... I don't need to explain more. So much candy and chocolate, fun activities for everyone and so much more.
Now that that's out of the way, let's talk party ideas.
A sign is ALWAYS a great place to start. View more of our adorable Spring signage here:

Whatever table set up you are looking for... we have it. If you're looking for bunny cheer, it's there. 
Pastel? Yup we've still got it.  Bright and colorful, it's in almost every aisle! 

Other great things to note for Easter, Grass cupcake holders, because why not add a splash of bright green. 

Then these cute PEEPS. Think the Velveteen Rabbit, and then add the softness to all different sizes and shapes of bunnies, then also on eggs, ducks, and more. They are adorable for toys, in gift baskets or simply as decor. 

This set up was so simple. Using MeriMeri plates I set up what I call a little bunny farm, and topped it off with the Hoppy Easter sign. 

Gold straws as an accent should basically always happen.

From all of us have Zurcher's have a hoppy Easter! 

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