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Sham-ROCKIN St. Patricks Day!

Sham-ROCKIN St. Patricks Day!

How fun is the color green? Anyone else here just love the different shades? St. Patricks Day is filled with fun, pinching, and all things green. We went a bit different this year. Starting with a Shamrock was my goal. Luckily we have Shamrock Pinatas because HOW FUN is that. Pretty grand fun if you ask me. 

Fun thing about this is the subtly here. It's simple, easy and affordable. This entire party set up is $30. (Yes that includes the chocolate. ) 

Anywhere in our stores you can find St. Patricks day balloons that fit any budget and match any style. It makes shopping easy.  Then we have the Green balloon backdrop. Going through the individual balloon sections I picked out all the shades of green I wanted, then I blew them up and taped them (yes taped) to the wall. EASY. No imagine if you made that a rainbow? Mardi Gras balloons 2021 Photo Credit @twinspirationalparties

Using a similar set up here, I added a few things to spice it up. First, I grabbed some Yellow Butcher paper (we sell it for 67 cents a yard) Easily found in any aisle are these gold chocolate coins. We have them in many colors to once again match any party theme.
In the back in gumball tubes filled in our bulk section with gum and candies that stay on the color scheme. It's easy, and also cute. St. Patricks Day Celebration

Now that you've got some inspo. Let's go through details. A little Green goes a long has a huge selection of Green Candy and gold foil wrapped coings for St.Patricks day. A little Green goes a long has a huge selection of Green Candy and gold foil wrapped coings for St.Patricks day.

4 Tips to knock your party out of the park.

1) Green Food

Yes, this seems a bit obvious however there are so many healthy options for green foods.Think grapes, celery, cucumber, asparagus, snap peas, broccoli. Using green peppers you can shape them like 4 leaf clovers if you'd like.

2) Music

To set the tone head over to your favorite streaming service and search "Irish Music" or "Bagpipes" "River dancing" or other fun search terms. It'll really give you an experience.

3) Decor

OF COURSE, this is our fav one. But really, we have the best prices in town, and offer curbside pick up, local delivery, and shipping. You have no excuses.

4) Balloons

Pre-Order your St. Patrick's day balloons. Using high float your balloons will stay till long after the day.

There you have it! Make sure to tag us in all your great St. Patty's day parties. 

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