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Zurchers Party Costumes Wedding Supply Store FAQ
  • How do you pronounce the store name? Zer- kers Is how you pronounce the store name. (Zürcher is a German surname. It is a habitational name for someone from the city of Zürich.)
  • Is Zurchers Hiring? Click here to see open positions
  • What is the most popular balloon you sell? The Rose Gold Metallic balloon found here.  
  • Do you fill outside balloons, balloons not purchased at Zurchers? Yes we do! You just need to pay for the cost of helium. *We are not responsible for if/when the outside balloon pops or does not float.
  • How many balloons do the disposable helium tanks fill? Approximately 20-50 latex balloons depending on size - more info can be found here: Helium Tanks.
  • Do you guarantee the quantities stated on each location website? No, the quantities for items shown on the website are an estimate and not guaranteed. We try our hardest to ensure the inventory quantities are correct but sometimes there is a miscommunication or typographical error.
  • Where did Zurchers start? Zurchers was started in Boise, Idaho.
  • Any new stores coming? None as of right now. 
  • Where is Zurchers Headquarters? Zurchers HQ is located in Draper, Utah.
  • What social media platform is Zurchers on? You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube
  • Do you all have a blog? Yes we do check out our blog here: Free Party Ideas from Zurchers
  • Do you all have an affiliate program? Yes we do, if you are a blogger, influencer or entrepreneur visit & sign up here: Affiliate Program.
  • Do you ship out of state? Yes we do, to all 50 states in the USA, learn more here: Shipping and Delivery.