Balloons 101

Everything you need to know about balloons from Zurchers

Balloon Types
Latex & Mylar(Foil)

-100% Biodegradable
-100% pure natural latex
-Available in a variety of colors
-Compatible with air and helium

Pricing for our single solid color latex balloons
11” $0.30 ea
24” $1.67 ea
36” $3.97 ea

Helium & Hi-Float- we use Hi-Float in all our latex balloons
11” $1.15 ea
24” $7.96 ea
36” $17.97 ea

Helium & Hi-float for balloons purchased outside of Zurchers
11” $0.97
24” $5.00
36” $12.97

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-Made from a mix of nylon, aluminum, and laminated polyethylene materials
-Available in various colors, finishes, numbers, letters and shapes
-Compatible with air and helium
-Hi-Float is not used/needed

Pricing for our Mylar balloons
Our mylar balloon prices include helium
18” $1.89-$3.49
34" Numbers & Letters $8.97
Supershapes $9.49

Helium for Mylar balloons purchased outside of Zurchers
18” $1.40
All Supershapes(25’-34”) $3.70

*All balloons shipped come uninflated

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Our Balloon Guarantee

-We offer a 24hr guarantee on our helium & Hi-Float latex balloons.
-We offer a 3day guarantee on our Mylar balloons. Mylar balloons can be reused, simply bring them back in and pay for the helium.
-All balloons that have material inside ie confetti, glitter etc have no guarantee as such materials will affect the helium in the balloon and the float time. We suggest having these types of balloons filled as close to your event as possible.
 *Changes in temperature and altitude will affect the life of the balloon

Balloon Care & Tips

-Keep balloons tied down or use weights outdoors, do not release balloons outdoors
-For balloons to last their longest keep at temperature between 72F-78F degrees
-Remove balloons from transportation bag as soon as possible
-Dispose of deflated balloons properly. Can cause choking hazard for small children.

Other balloon FAQs

1. Do you fill outside balloons, balloons not purchased at Zurchers? Yes we do! You just need to pay for the cost of helium. *We are not responsible for if/when the outside balloon pops or does not float, there is no guarantee on balloons bought outside Zurchers.
2. Do you rent or sell helium tanks? Yes we offer both. Helium tank rentals are $59.95 for 24hrs and can fill between 80-90 standard 11” latex balloons. You will need to contact your local store for availability. We also sell helium tanks by BalloonTime. They cost $44.97 & can fill between 24-27 standard 11” balloons and can be purchased here. Hi-Float is sold separately, purchase here.
3. Do you make balloon bouquets, balloon arches or balloon garland? We do make balloon bouquets. We sell a variety of pre-made bouquets or you can make your own. We do not make balloon arches or garland, however we do sell DIY kits for both here.
4. Do you offer balloon delivery? Yes we do offer delivery. For more information on delivery service please visit our Shipping & Delivery page.