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5 Ways to Celebrate Graduation

5 Ways to Celebrate Graduation

We are so excited for Grad season to be upon us. Graduation is one of the best times to get people together and celebrate a momentous occasion. Let's get into 5 unique ways to celebrate your graduation tailored to 2021!


1) Decorate your Cap 

Everything else about grad is all about making a statement, why not do that with your grad cap and don't worry our Grad cap decorating kits won't destroy your cap! 

Here's some inspo: Graduation Cap Decorations Custom Decorated Graduation Cap



2) Decorate your House 

Inside outside, do it all in my opinion! Why not get some outside decor so the entire neighbourhood knows!

Shop through our tableware to find the perfect color for your School! 

Shop for Graduation here! Graduation House Decorations Graduation Party Decorations Graduation Hanging Banners Custom Decorated Graduation Cap


3) Decorate your Car

Vehicle decor is not only for weddings, let's make it for graduation too. Let's get a big ribbon on the top, add a bow somewhere, and a little window marker (vehicle window safe) and you've got everything you need. 

Or you could even fill the whole car up with balloons and purchase balloons from our bulk section. 


4) Get the Balloons 

We've talked about the balloons, and let's be honest, if you don't get them you may be bumming. Choose from one of our pre- made bouquets, create your own, or grab the number balloons that come in all sizes. 


Pre made Balloons

Custom Order Balloons Shop Air-Filled number Balloons Graduation Pre-Made balloon Bouquet Graduation Printed Latex Confetti Balloon Graduation Pre-Made balloon Bouquet


5) Photo Opt Spot

For that time all your friends are together you need something with a little spice. Create your own photo opt spot, or even a selfie spot to make the evening more fun. Cinco De Mayo Backdrop Graduation Pre-Made balloon Bouquet Graduation Printed Latex Confetti Balloon Graduation Photo Props
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