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Rose Gold Balloon Garland Kit | 1 set

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Give your party an instant wow factor with our Rose Gold Balloon Garland Kit! It includes everything you need to make a beautiful balloon garland—no helium required. Use this kit to make backdrops, centerpieces, and jaw-dropping entryways that last for 2-3 days! Whether for birthdays, baby showers, or holiday parties, this balloon decoration will be a stunning focal point at your next celebration.
Instructions are included on the package. You can also refer to the instructions below or to the 'Instructions' image on this page.

This kit includes:
2 Macaroon Strawberry Latex Balloons, 24in
8 Macaroon Strawberry Latex Balloons, 12in
8 Pearl Rose Gold Latex Balloons, 12in
8 Pastel Pink Latex Balloons, 12in
8 Platinum Rose Gold Latex Balloons, 12in
6 Macaroon Strawberry Latex Balloons, 5in
7 Pearl Rose Gold Latex Balloons, 5in
6 Pastel Pink Latex Balloons, 5in
7 Platinum Rose Gold Latex Balloons, 5in
5 Rose Gold Confetti Latex Balloons, 12in
5 Rose Gold Foil Balloons, 9in
1 roll of balloon tape, 20ft
48 balloon glue dots
1 paper straw 

Additional recommended supplies (sold separately):
Air pump (electric or hand-held)
Curling ribbon

To Assemble:
Inflate all balloons with air and tie a knot at the end. (Balloon pump not included. Recommended for quick inflation.)
Insert balloon lips into decorating strip holes and gently pull balloon knots through the holes to secure. Alternate balloon sizes (9-inch, 12-inch, and 24-inch) and skip holes as needed on decorating strip as you attach balloons.
Tie a long piece of curling ribbon to an empty hole at each end of the decorating strip and hang the garland against a wall or from the ceiling.
Using the glue dots, add the 5-inch balloons last in combinations of three or four.
Decorating Tip: Enhance balloon garlands by adding balloon tassels, flowers, foliage, swirl decorations, and tassel garlands to balloons using tape! Accessories are sold separately.

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