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Wish We Were Mermaids

Zurcher's Mermaid Party Ideas!! -- Wish We Were Mermaids

Wish We Were Mermaids -- Mermaid party ideas

This mermaid party has us swimming with delight! It features oceany blues and greens with pops of white and purple. Add some sweet treats and shell accents and your guests are sure to have some unforgettable under-the-sea fun.

Some of our favorite features:
- Fish netting to give it that fun, fishy feel
- Cute character mermaid plates with shiny silver iridescent accents
- Shell & starfish details
- Candy reminiscent of underwater things: pearly white sixlets, crystal candy barnacles, gold coin pirate treasure
- Bubbly balloon installation

Balloon Garland DIY:

Thread the tails of balloons together with a needle & fishing line. Alternate colors and sizes to achieve the look you want. When you're done threading, you can add smaller balloons to fill in the gaps with hot glue. Finish it off with paper fans or garlands for a unique look! PRO TIP -- use Hi Float latex balloon treatment on your balloons and your installation will last much longer!!!

Mermaid party ideas -- Wish We Were Mermaids!!

Mermaid party ideas -- Wish We Were Mermaids!!

Wish We Were Mermaids -- Mermaid party plates place setting

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