Frozen 2


Frozen 2

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Frozen 2 Party Customizable Jumbo Banner Kit | 1ct


Frozen 2 Party Dangle Decorations | 3ct


Frozen 2 Hanging String Decoration | 6pc


Frozen 2 Scene Setters With Props | 1ct


Frozen 2 Table Decorating Kit | 1ct


Disney's Frozen, Elsa and Anna Lifesize Standup *Made to order-please allow 10-14days for processing*


Frozen Sticker Activity Box | 1ct


Frozen 2 Favor Bags | 8ct


Frozen 2 Party Mega Mix Value Pack | 48ct


Frozen 2 Party Hats | 8ct


Frozen 2 Party Craft Kits | 4ct


Frozen 2 Temporary Tattoos | 8pc


Frozen 2 Slap Bracelets | 4pc


Frozen 2 Party Hair Ponies | 8ct


Frozen 2 Bead Bracelet | 1ct


Frozen 2 Party Keychains | 8ct


Free party ideas


Winter Wonderland -- Frozen 2 Party Ideas

Fall and Winter come together with our beautiful Wonderland! Use this Frozen 2 party idea for your next party! 

Our favorite features:
- table cover back drop 
- sweet treats, like these crystal rock candy sticks, as party favors

Streamer Backdrop DIY:
You have to try this for your  next celebration. This backdrop is so easy to create and is so adorable for any occasion. We used different colors of table covers because the texture was a lot better to use. You can use streamers or fabric but we used our Zurchers table covers and it made it so much easier. First, you want to pick your colors! Cut the table covers into strands of about 3 inches wide (we found it better to keep the table cover folded and just cut up on the fold to make one long strand). Tie them to strands of fishing-line according to color or as desired. Vary the sizes to make sure they have different lengths to add volume as well as texture. You want to make 3-4 strands of fishing-line to make the backdrop fuller. After tying them to the fish-line, mount them on desired wall. The strands will be heavy so make sure you have strong tape. 

This is very easy and it looks so amazing as a backdrop!



We've been bringing you discounted party supplies for over fifty years, and now we want to harbor your party-planning creativity by giving you free party ideas and inspiration.  We hope this awakens the party animal inside of you!