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TEN Top-Selling Halloween Products to Top Off your Spooky Décor

Ten of the highest selling we’ve seen in our stores this 2021 year to date. We’d love for you to fill up on party favors and/or treat alternatives for trick or treating this year. Even your fun decorations could be refreshed with one of our décor items we carry.


Our stretch spider webs are easy to use for all your Halloween decor needs. Get it before it’s gone!


Utilize these metal stakes to add tombstone decor to your yard. Tombstones sold separately. These are replacement stakes if you’ve lost the originals.


Add these martian fingers as prizes for games or simply a non-food alternative for trick or treaters this year.


These neon sticky skulls are a great way to give prizes to your kids as a reward for good behavior or another alternative to candy when there is a food allergy in the home.

Neon Glitter Sticky Skulls
Neon Glitter Sticky Skulls

Neon Glitter Sticky Skulls

Colorful and glittery, these sticky skulls are perfect for Halloween party favors.


These tote bags are perfect for trick or treaters wanting to go in style. There are various bags to choose from: Orange Pumpkins, Green Bats, or Purple Spiders for only $1.00!


These activity pads sell well for trick or treater alternatives to candy plus can be an activity your child does while the adults are entertaining.


Sticky eyeballs to give away as party favors or to trick or treaters on Halloween night.


Vampire teeth are fun for kids of all ages as a party favor or a reward for satisfactory performance in school. These teeth are assorted colors: black, orange, green and purple.


This creepy cloth is gray and a great way to transform normal furniture into something scary. Use it on a fireplace mantel as a background for your other fun Halloween decorations.

And last but not least #10

These spider rings are a must-have for all Halloween parties, in school or at home. They are black and fit most kids’ fingers: the quintessential Halloween product for a child to wear

There you have it! Spooky party favors, decorations, and/or Halloween items you should be buying because they are selling in our stores pretty well so far this year. *Availability in your nearest store is subject to inventory quantities and not guaranteed.