Rainbow Unicorn Party


Rainbow Unicorn Party

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Unicorn Party Ideas -- Zurchers

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Party -- Unicorn Party Ideas

This perfectly pastel rainbow unicorn party is sure to enchant each and every one of your little party guests! Start with the prettiest shade of pink and add in some pastels - yellow, green, and purple. Top with gold accents & sweet treats for the most magical birthday ever!

Our favorite features:
- mini unicorn piñata
- magically fun photo-op props
- unicorn horn party hats
- fringy streamer & balloon cloud backdrop

Fringe Backdrop DIY:

You'll need crepe paper streamers, clear scotch tape, and scissors. First, cut lots & lots of streamer strips of a few varying lengths. Keep cutting! You'll need more than you think. Then, put them in stacks of 2 - 4 and stagger them slightly at the top so you can use one piece of tape to tape the whole stack. Start taping these stacks in rows, working from the bottom up. You can tape them directly to the wall, or a large piece of foam core if you'd like your fringe to be easily transferrable. Once you have your desired area covered in streamer fringe, use scissors to trim the layers how you'd like. You can even use the trimmed pieces to tape shorter layers on top.

Balloon Garland DIY:

Thread the tails of balloons together with a needle & fishing line. Alternate colors and sizes to achieve the look you want. When you're done threading, you can add smaller balloons to fill in the gaps with hot glue (make sure your glue gun has a low temperature setting). PRO TIP -- use Hi Float latex balloon treatment on your balloons and your installation will last much longer!!!

Unicorn Party Ideas -- Zurchers
Unicorn Party Ideas -- Zurchers
Unicorn Party Ideas -- Zurchers
Unicorn Party Ideas -- Zurchers
Unicorn Party Ideas -- Zurchers

Included products

Rainbow Unicorn Dessert Paper Plates 7" | 8ct


New Pink Plastic Spoons | 20ct


New Pink Plastic Forks | 20ct


New Pink Plastic Knives | 20ct


Rainbow Unicorn Invitations | 8ct


Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Candles | 8ct


Unicorn Dreams Cupcake Kit | 24ct


Magical Unicorn Invitations | 8ct


Magical Unicorn Party Hats | 8ct


Magical Unicorn Glitter Table Decoration | 1ct


Magical Unicorn Super Shape Balloon 33" | 1 ct


Unicorn Necklace | 1ct


Rainbow Headband | 1ct


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Rainbow Unicorn Glasses | 1ct


Rainbow Unicorn Nail Skins | 12pcs


Rainbow Unicorn Supershape Holographic Balloon Set | 5ct




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