No Drama Llama Party


No Drama Llama Party

Included products

No Drama Llama Lunch Plates | 8ct


No Drama Llama Dessert Plates | 8ct


No Drama Llama Lunch Napkins | 16ct


Llama Fiesta Lunch Napkins | 16ct


No Drama Llama Beverage Napkins | 16ct


Llama Fiesta Beverage Napkins | 24ct


No Drama Llama Paper Cups | 8ct


No Drama Llama Treat Stand | 1ct


Boho Llama Cupcake Kit | 24 Toppers & Liners


No Drama Llama Cupcake Kit | 24ct


No Drama Llama Baking Cups | 75ct


No Drama Llama Birthday Candles | 4pc


No Drama Llama Tags | 8ct


No Drama Llama Table Centerpiece | 3pc


No Drama Llama Swirl Decorations | 12pc


No Drama Llama Jumbo Banner Kit | 1ct


Free party ideas

Llama Party Ideas -- Zurchers

No Drama Llama Party -- Llama Party Ideas

No prob, llama! This party is all fun and zero drama with it's vibrant colors and trendy vibes.

Our favorite features:
- jumbo, llama supershape balloon
- selfie celebration photo-op props
- bright pink champagne flutes, to add some table-setting flair
- sweet treats, like these crystal rock candy sticks, as party favors

Confetti Balloon DIY:
We used qualatex, diamond clear 11" latex balloons. Use a funnel to fill your clear balloon with different colors of tissue confetti. If you don't have a funnel handy, use an empty 16 oz plastic soda or water bottle. Just cut the bottle in half about two thirds of the way up, unscrew the plastic cap and voilà: a makeshift funnel!
PRO TIP -- fill the balloon with a bit of regular air before filling the rest up with helium. This will make the tissue confetti stick to the inside walls of the balloon, as opposed to just sitting in a small pile at the bottom.

Llama Party Ideas -- Zurchers

Llama Party Ideas -- Zurchers

Llama Party Ideas -- Zurchers

Llama Party Ideas -- Zurchers

Llama Party Ideas -- Zurchers

Llama Party Ideas -- Zurchers



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