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New Years Eve Party Ideas for the Family

New Years Eve Party Ideas for the Family

This year marks the close of 2020 more so than the start of 2021. As such it's so easy and honestly pretty, to decorate for the ending of this truly stretching year.

So let's do it right.

New Years Eve Party

Start your New Years Early ( so your young ones can be in bed at a normal hour)

Make the Balloons Pop. (kind of like a ball drop but cooler and more kid friendly) If you have children creating this time telling balloon clock is the perfect activity to break down the hours and have fun games, snacks, and excitement behind each pop.

Matching Place Sets

How can you not fall in love with the way this works. It kinda combines this whole year together and brings it to a wonderful and magical end.

Cake Toppers

New Years Eve Party Accessories

While we are all about this party, there's just something a little bit more special this year. I think personally it's a year we should go all out. Even though the party may be smaller, more virtual, or in general look different. Accessories make you feel for that tiny moment like everything is back to normal.

Midnight Toast

Whatever you're drinking these affordable champagne flutes are sure to make it that first sip of 2021 just glorious.

Lastly, Thank you for Parties With a Cause for capturing all these beautiful photos.

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