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Zurchers Halloween Party Decorations

5 Ways to Have a COVID Friendly Halloween

 It's the most wonderful time of the year, and boy oh boy are we excited! However with the restrictions most states are facing for Halloween this year we are here to help you still have the best Halloween you can! 


Tip #1: Go Big with Decorations! 

Decorations can really set the mood. Take your time, have fun, and really spice up your house with some good decorations. (Maybe even sneak them into the backyard) to give your children a sense of normalcy in all this. 

Balloons make a GREAT decoration that's easy enough for anyone to do. Have your children help you pick out decorations and even get them to help set them up, it'll really set the Halloween mood.  


Zurchers Halloween


Tip 2: Single Uses 

For treats or goodie bags make it easy for everyone to grab them without everyone touching everything! With our bags you can even turn them into a craft making little monsters however you want. 



Tip 3: Find an Awesome Mask 

We've got the CUTEST Halloween masks available right now. Use a mask to spice up your costume. They don't all have to be frustrating. 

Be a Shark (The mask being the teeth) 

Be a jack-o-lantern using the mask as the mouth again

Celebrate the first responders this year by being a doctor, nurse, EMT, or a firefighter! All perfect with a mask! 


Tip #4: Neighborhood Trick or Treat

If you have a yard and the weather allows, talk to your neighbors about scheduling a car parade on your block: Kids (with adult supervision) stay in their own yards while neighbors drive past slowly and gently toss treats out car windows, parade-style. Or have family and friends drop off treats for your child at your doorstep – a contactless twist on the trick-or-treating tradition.

Tip #5: Search 

See what's in your county for drive by Halloween Ideas. There are Drive in movies, and drive up trick or treat ideas that could also work for you and your family. 



All available at

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