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Graduation Season is Here

Graduation Season is Here

With graduation coming up, your party supplies are in high demand. Visit your nearest Zurchers location to see what they have to offer. Go school-colors specific or just do a Grad theme from our selections and celebrate in style.

Highest Selling Graduation Tableware Based on Colors for 2022 so far:

7. 7 inch Congrats Green Dessert Plates

7 inch Congrats Green Dessert Plates - Green is a cooler color in the spectrum so it’s fitting that it would be popular in this category.
Grab these plates for your Grad brunch, lunch or dinner.




6. Yellow Grad Sectional Platter

Three compartments in this platter, perfect for a dip, veggies, fruit, chips or even candy.




5. 9 inch Congrats Green Lunch Plates

Celebrate your graduation with Green lunch plates for your tablescape.




4. 7 inch Congrats Purple Dessert Plates

These purple plates are a hit this year with the local schools, apparently.




3. Orange Congrats Grad Table Cover

Rounding out number 3 is this Orange Grad table cover for all of your festive decor or tableware.




Green Grad Sectional Platter

We’ve sold a lot of these Green platters so if you want green, better run and get it. Green seems to be popular in 2022.




9 inch Congrats Red Lunch Plates

Red wins so far this year! Red is the very highest selling lunch plate we carry in our stores. If your school colors include Red, ASAP is the time to find these plates.



Various Supplemental High Selling Tableware for 2022:

1. 12 inch Graduation Well Done 2022 Oval Paper Plates

Black, silver and gold are found on these paper plates for Graduation. They are 2022 specific and large for all of your ideas on yummy food.




2. Clear Plastic Grad Tablecloth with Scalloped Edge

Design your own look with this clear plastic tablecloth for Graduation. You can pair it with a color underneath it to bring out your school colors, or simply use it to decorate your tables. The black mortarboard and confetti print adds a more general look to your decor.




3. Grad Achievement is Key Table Covers 3 pack

3 of these Congrats Grad table covers come in this pack with a white background. You can’t go wrong with this look for your Graduate.




4. Graduation Well Done 2022 Lunch Napkins

A classic look for your graduation will add to your look just fine. These black, silver and gold napkins are a great pack to buy.




5. Graduation Well Done 2022 Plastic Table Cover

This table cover is 54 inches by 108 inches in length and fits well on a rectangular table. White table area, with black, silver and gold accents in it.




6. Grad 9 inch Achievement is Key Plates

The laurel wreath really adds to this plate design for your graduation. A classic take on celebrating your graduate.



7. 16 oz Graduation Class of 2022 Plastic Cups

Remember the Cups! 16 oz Graduation Class of 2022 Plastic Cups - These plastic cups are a hit with grads and families this year, since they say “Class of 2022” right on them. Comes in a pack of 25 count.



  Whether you go for a bold look with school colors or a classic look with a sleek graduation theme, your Graduate is bound to be happy with the celebration you create. Make sure you shop early for your upcoming party as our supplies are limited at each of our local stores.

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