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"Blast Off" Space Party!

"Blast Off" Space Party!

"Blast Off" Space Party  

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... BLAST OFF with this super adorable space party. Blast off and experience space like you have never before.

We loved putting this space party together using our new space line. 

Some of our favorite features:

  • space treat stand 
  • space lanterns 
  • rocket ship treat boxes
  • balloon garland kit

"Blast Off" balloon garland DIY!!

We just got in our wonderful balloon garland kit that is so fun and easy to use. We blew up some black, silver and grey balloons and added high-float to each balloon to make it last longer, and then put them in the balloon garland strip (total life saver). Next, we taped the ends of the garland to the area we wanted it to hang and got our super cute space lanterns to set  unto the garland. We attached a string to the top of each lantern to make it easier to tap and adjust. Then top off the master piece, we added to the balloon garland a silver star garland to add the finishing touch. 

BAM! There you have your amazing space balloon garland. 

Check out our other items in our space line to add to this space party! 



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