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How to Throw a Pink Party!

How to Throw a Pink Party!

You can never go wrong with a little pink... or a lot of it. This party is perfect for any occasion (though we had Valentines in mind for it) there are many other times a Pink Party is warranted.

- It's a girl party! 

- Celebrate Color

- You need a break from all things Frozen? haha

- Because you just needed to see something bright 

All perfect reasons to throw a party! 


Here at Zurcher's we really try to make it easy for you to find everything you need. First things first, have you seen the color section? Our color isle has everything broken down into every color you could possibly want and all the corresponding tableware. So really this party was simple (and costed under $50 too). 

The Party as a Whole

Start with a neutral tablecloth. (This really makes the color pop) I chose white as I really wanted to go heavy with all types of pink.

it's a girl party

Shades of Pink

zurchers pink party

Look at that! just with cutlery we have 3 different shades of pink. It really allows your party to have a little more depth if you can change up the shades. 

Sweet Things

zurchers pink party

Add a little splash of that white color again with some frosting, and bring the pink back with sprinkles, or a cupcake topper! 

zurchers party party pink party

Butter mints are PERFECT for literally any party. Let's be honest everyone loves butter mints and it's even better when they match perfectly to your party! 

butter mints pink

Yes, I know I went heavy on the sweets, but why not have just a tasty party! 
Here you can also see some shades and the pop of pink the straws bring. A soft touch (and these straws are cardboard to boot) 
The pink candy balls can be found in the candy isle in any Zurcher's and make for a great decoration or snack. 

pink party ideas

Party Favors

Whether you go down the candy isle, the carnival isle or the party favor isle you are sure to find anything of any color to stay on theme, or you can find easy to access goodies that range from perfect for children to great for your best friends. 

party favors

Party Decorations 

I ended up using old shredded paper in these cute champagne flutes. I found it added just enough whimsical fun to this party. 

Paper fans were used in the background as it was simple enough to have a girls night, but added enough flare if you wanted to. We have so much more available than what is on display here. 


pink party decorations



And just like that, it's easy, breezy, and PINK! 


how to throw a pink party
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