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Spring Delivery Special! Orders over $49.99, delivered for just $9.95!

DIY Pumpkin Cake Toppers

Now you add your own fun and spooky twist to any Halloween cake with these easy to create DIY pumpkin balloon cake toppers. All you need are a couple of orange 5'' latex balloons, a little green tissue festooning, a black marker, and wooden bamboo skewers to make your Jack-o-Lantern cake the frightening centerpiece of your ghostly festivities.
First blow up your balloons until they're only about 3 inches across. Before tightening the knot on the balloon, carefully slip the bamboo skewer and tissue festooning through the whole, then finish tightening so that the balloon is firmly attached. With your permanent marker, go crazy drawing fiendish and friendly Jack-o-Lantern faces on the part of the balloon facing outward. Once you're satisfied with the scary, stick the bamboo skewers in the top of the cake at varying levels and spacing. You can also cut the skewers to different lengths to alternate the height.
These ghastly pumpkin cake toppers are sure to bring thrills and chills to your party guests.
Cake by Bee Cakes.
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