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Truly Scrumptious

Get a sense of the Truly Scrumptious with this dainty floral tea party theme decorations and tableware. From lacy paper doilies to the lampshade and pennant garlands, each piece of decor is beautifully covered in a pink, yellow, and blue flower pattern that will fit any young lady's expectations for an elegant tea party. 

Serve up tasty goodies on assorted paper serving platters and paper plates with fancy scalloped edges in blue, pink, yellow, and aqua patterns while drinking through pink paper straws from adorable 9 ounce paper cups that can be used for hot and cold drinks. Complete the tea party look with assorted Truly Scrumptious flag picks with sayings like "Delectable!" printed in elegant golden script. Perfect for cupcakes, sandwiches, and other foods.

Take a step out of time to when elegance and tea parties were the height of societal bonding with this absolutely fabulous floral design partyware.  

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