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20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner. How is it the end of 2020 already? 

 Who knows. What we at Zurcher's do know is we will make your holiday shopping and party memorable. From our amazing and affordable Christmas Decor, to the perfect throw away tableware, to our easily found stocking stuffers. Any stocking can be stuffed with the goodies found in Zurcher's. 
Without further ado, 20 Brilliant (if I say so myself) Stocking Stuffer Ideas. 

1) Lump of Coal Stress Ball

If you've been naughty this year, you'll probably find a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking. Relax! These Lump of Coal Stress Balls are a funny and playful Christmas gift, great for friends and co-workers to help with stress. Fill them in treat bags or give away in gift bags at holiday parties. Foam. 2 1/2".

2) Christmas Slime

You won’t find any sap in these Tannenbaums. Nope, it’s all slime here! Perfect for holiday party favors and stocking stuffers, these green and red slime containers come shaped as festive Christmas trees. Like unwrapping a big beautiful present, your little elves will hardly be able wait to pop these open to play with the ooey-gooey goodness inside!

3) Gumball Machine

Who doesn't want a gumball machine (hint, if they don't do you really want them in your life)  We have so many whimsical machines. Exchange coins for gum all while supporting your favorite sport. Each gumball bank comes with a bag of Dubble Bubble gumballs. All for the price of $8.43!

4) Glossy Lip Balm Pen

Shaped like a lollipop, we're here to sweeten your daily routine. Forget about that arm candy, were all about the lips. Our product offers a unique design combining a shimmer lip balm with a sparkly lip gloss. It's simple, just flip open the top of the Glossy Pop to apply our exclusively formulated lip balm, then unscrew the handle to enhance your look with our amazing gloss. Glossy Pops are available in a variety of colors and scents. Brighten your day and Gloss like a Boss!!!

5) Clik Ring

Hands free selfies video. Bluetooth enabled. Works up to 30 feet. Flexible tripod included! Place your cell phone or tablet anywhere and clik pics videos. Product Parameters: Bluetooth: 5.1. Battery: Built-in lithium battery. Battery Capacity: 30 mAh. Remote control range: Up to 30 feet. Continuous shooting: More than 10,000 shots. Record and stop video. Rechargeable. Take photos or videos from up to 30 feet away. No need to ask strangers to take group photos. Included in this box (3 pieces). 1 - Cellphone holder. 1 - Clik ring. 1 - flexile tripod.

6) Fuzzy socks

Whether they are festive or just for normal occasions fuzzy socks are the perfect stocking additive. 

7) Pali Hawaii Jandals

These are the most comfortable and most durable slippers ever! Wear them all day and every where you go: to work, to school, inside and outside the house, to camping, around the pool.

8) LED Sky Glider

Imagine finding one of these in a stocking? Just a magical surprise. It flies, it glows, what more could you ask for? This is perfect for the young, the young at heart, or even better get one for the whole family and have a race. It's a stocking stuffer and an activity. 

9) Spin Copter

The glider wasn't cool enough for you? Take a gaze at the Spin Copter. Get our original Spin Copter with a Lightning Launcher. If You have fun like we know you will, come back and try another package with multiple copters for your friends and family.

10) ByTech Wireless Charging Pad

Have someone that is hard to please? A charging pad is the perfect solution.  Universal Wireless Charging Pad (For smartphones that supports wireless charging): Charge your phone in style. This charger has a thin and light design. It works automatically when the phone is placed on it. Protection is ensured by a temperature monitor. Also it comes with overcharge and short-circuit protection. It works straight out of the box using a wall plug with a micro USB cord or it can be connected directly to a computer using an USB cable.

11) Manicure Kit 

For a beautiful you! coordinated nail kit with large emery board file, cuticle pusher, nail brush, and nail clippers. Nail care with personal flair in a kaleidoscope of colors! Take your pick to find the perfect one. Starting at only $2.


12) Hatchimals

Contains 1 CR2016 non-replaceable battery. Great for backpacks. Press my face and watch me glow! Hatchimals Series 1 clip-on light with squeeze glow lights. 

13) Giant Pen 

Oh what fun this would be! This novelty pen is nothing short of humongous, measuring at 11.25 "tall. A great prize for stationery school events and theme parties. This blue pen comes decorated with snowflakes.

14) Strawberry Bath Salts 

It's time to have fun in the bathtub again! The soda can packaging makes this a great birthday present or stocking stuffer. Contains 325 grams of salts, enough for multiple aromatic baths.

15) Little Dough Dots 

Everyone in the family should get these! Your little artist creates colorful sculptures with the bright dough in these fun round containers. Perfectly sized for a stocking, and easy to hide. 

16) Gummy Bears 

Candy is always the perfect addition to any stocking. We have so many different kinds of gooey gummys it will surely make your stocking stuffer hunt so much easier. 

17) Pez Dispenser 

Have you walked by our Pez section? We have so many different containers you are sure to find the perfect one for the perfect person. 

18) Whirly Pop

Our oversized lollipops are sure to delight as well. Choose the right flavor for your family! 

19) Ice Cream Cone Bubbles 

This tasty-looking ice cream is filled with bubble mixture. Unscrew the soft peak of ice cream to find a bubble wand attached to dip in the liquid-filled wafer cone and blow streams of light and floaty bubbles.

20) Slimey Goop Mix-ems 

Here awaits a galaxy of creative fun for your little ones. Here awaits a galaxy of creative fun for your little ones. This slime activity kit by SLIMYGLOOP is perfect for your munchkins to create their very own galaxy. For a pop of sparkle, kids can simply add a sprinkle of sequins, beads, and spangles and get ready to squish and squeeze their super fun creation.
And there you have it! The perfect stocking stuff ideas that can all be found at your local Zurchers. For more information about this collection or to order online head to:
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