Avengers Unite Confetti | 1ct


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Use this AvengersÌà�üÌâå¦Ìâå_Ìà�üÌøåÀå_ÌÄåÀUnite Confetti on the tables to add decorative color and shine to the party! This confetti features round cardstock cutouts of their favorite Avengers: Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk. The confetti also includes blue, red, and yellow foil stars, and black and green triangles and polka dots. Use this confetti to decorate the buffet table or sprinkle it into invitation envelopes for your little one's Marvel-themed birthday party!

includesÌà�üÌâå¦Ìâå_Ìà�üÌøåÀå_ÌÄåÀ1 pack of confetti

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