Party String 24 Pack


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This party string pack includes 24 cans of 6 different colors. The pack includes red, pink, green, yellow, blue, and orange. This pack includes 4 cans of each color and is great for using with our party string gun. Buy bulk party string to save money! The more you buy, the more you save.

NOTE: Acting according to U.S. shipping regulations, all party string orders will be shipped ground. Party string will also NOT be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.?ÿParty?ÿString must also be returned via FedEx Ground shipping.

Our party string manufacturers claim that their party string won't stain, and though it does usually wash out we'd like to offer some tips to minimize the chances of staining. Party string spray of any kind can stain clothing, furniture, etc., especially if sprayed at a distance of less than 2 feet as there is a dye in the spray. As soon as the spray hits the air the dye begins to dry and react with the foam and if not sprayed from "point blank" range will usually wash out easily. To minimize the chance of staining, we recommend that you wear dark clothing and spray from more than 2 feet away.

Please note: Some of our competitors incorrectly state that the larger size cans in the 24 pack are labeled wrong, and contain 5.3 oz. of Party String, but this is not accurate. The cans themselves weigh a TOTAL of 5.3 oz., so there could not possibly be 5.3 oz. of product inside. We have weighed both the cans from the guns and the cans from the 24 pack and the weight difference is slightly in favor of the 24 pack (fractions of an ounce), but those cans are physically larger, which accounts for the slight difference in weight. Once the cans were used up, we were able to confirm this as a fact. There is 3 oz. of product inside both the cans that come with the gun as well as the 24 pack cans. The cans that come with the guns "appear" smaller than the 24 Pack Bulk Party String cans, as the manufacturer has labeled the 24 pack cans as "33% more," and made the cans themselves slightly larger. In reality the guns and the cans both contain 3oz of party string. Our question is 33% more than what? The "33% more" appears to be nothing more than a marketing ploy on the part of the manufacturer as there is no explanation as to what product it has 33% more than. In fact, in our experience almost all Party String comes with 3 oz. of actual product, and those selling it often incorrectly state the total can weight rather than the product weight. With that said, we have sold thousands of cases of this Party String and have never had a single problem or complaint with any cans whatsoever. This is a high quality product, but it is important to us that the facts are stated clearly. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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