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Basketball is a favorite sport of many people, so it’s no wonder that basketball is a popular theme for parties throughout the year. Here at Zurchers we have everything you need to bring the ball into your court and make a slam dunk of a party!

When planning for a basketball themed party, pick colors based on the team you’re planning on rooting for. Most teams have a two-tone color scheme, with one major color and one minor color. For example, the Chicago Bulls have red as their major color, and black as their minor color, so if you were to plan a party for a Bulls fan, decorations and coordinated tableware would be red and black. If you don’t want to pick team colors, black and orange are perfect, as it will match the basketball itself.

Invitations can be fun and basketball themed too! Consider some of the following ideas:

Cut out paper invitations in the shape of a basketball jersey, and write the guest’s name on the front along with a number
Include bouncy balls with the invitations, along with the words “Dribble on over”
Style invitations like tickets to a sporting event, and then have a greeter at the door tear the top of the “ticket” when guests arrive

No party is complete without cake, so be creative when putting together the cake for your party. An amazing cake can make a lasting impression. Here are some ideas that are sure to make your cake a hit:

Try styling the cake like a basketball jersey, and write the name of the guest of honor on the center with frosting.
Make a round cake and frost it orange. Add lines of black frosting to make it look just like a basketball
Frost your cake to look like a basketball court, complete with court lines

For activities, try a trivia game where guests guess facts about the chosen team. Who knows the names of all the players?

If you have access to a basketball hoop, try playing HORSE. Players take turns making complicated shots, and if the next player in line can’t duplicate the shot and make the basket they get a letter from the word HORSE. When a player spells out the entire word by missing baskets, they are out of the rotation. The game ends when there is only one person left, and they are the winner!

Planning a basketball themed party can be a lot of fun, and we have all the items necessary to make your party a “swish”!