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Bring the ball game to your party, and make it a slammin’ good time! Baseball is a popular theme for parties year round, and year after year, and it’s no wonder; it’s America’s Favorite Pastime. Here at Zurchers we have everything you need to get started on a home run of a party.

When planning for a baseball themed party, pick colors based on the team you’re planning on rooting for. Most baseball teams have a two-tone color scheme, with one major color and one minor color. For example, the Chicago Cubs have blue as their major color, and red as their minor color, so if you were to plan a party for a Cubs fan decorations and coordinated tableware would be blue and red.

Decorations don’t just have to stop with coordinated colors. Hang customized banners around your house, announcing your excitement for the game. You can make a big impression by hanging a sign that welcomes your fans to the “Home Field” of your favorite team.

Try setting up a “Concessions” stand where you serve hot dogs, popcorn, soft drinks, and other ballpark snacks to the fans. For snacks during the party, consider serving baseball themed candy, like Babe Ruth, Boston Baked Beans, and Big League Chew. Kids will love it!

For activities, play ball! If you’re having the party during the summer where the weather is warm, consider playing water balloon baseball. Fill a bucket of water balloons and have the pitcher throw them to batters using an oversized plastic bat, and have them run to the base before the pitcher can hit them with a water balloon. Another option is to use a large sponge as a ball, soaking it in a bucket before each pitch for wet fun!

Have an autograph session! Take a picture of guests in uniforms of their favorite teams and print them out on cards so they look like real baseball cards or as a large group photo. Then, have them sign them for their “fans” and give them to other guests. It’s a great way to make a lasting memory of how the “team” came together and made the party a success!

When baking the cake for your party, consider making cupcakes instead of a full-size cake. Then, take the cupcakes and frost them white with red frosting “stitching” so that they look like baseballs. It’s a great way to make something simple into something special! Just make sure that no one tries to pitch these “baseballs”!

Check out all our exciting baseball themed supplies, and remember to have fun when planning your party too!