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Ni hao! That’s Chinese for hello, and it’s a great greeting for a Chinese themed party. Here, we have a wide variety of decorations such as paper lanterns, streamers, and Chinese dragons. Here are a few tips for planning your party:


According to Chinese tradition, the color red symbolizes good luck. Decorations should reflect this, with lots of red colored paper lanterns and streamers, with other bright colors as accents. For table centerpieces, try placing paper or fresh flowers along with red and gold candles. Try hanging paper dragons for decorations. Traditionally, the dragon is the Chinese symbol for strength and good luck, and is considered to be a good luck charm when displayed. Avoid using white decorations, as white is traditionally the Chinese color of misfortune and mourning.


Chinese food has a lot of variety, and it all goes well as party food! Dish ideas include serving fried dumplings, noodles, chicken, fish, and fried rice. Traditional Chinese meals are served by placing the food in large bowls on the table, and picking food out with chopsticks to eat with a bowl of rice and noodles. Try serving a spicy dish to test the bravery of your guests!

How to Use Chopsticks

Chopsticks are a traditional Asian eating tool that may be tricky for beginners, but with practice can become a fun way to eat! Using chopsticks is as simple as following a few easy steps.

  1. Place one chopstick between your middle finger and thumb, resting firmly on the webbing between your thumb and index finger, and on the top of your middle finger.
  2. Hold the other chopstick with your index finger and your thumb, making sure that the chopsticks are parallel.
  3. Hold the first chopstick stationary while moving the second chopstick up and down in a grabbing motion.
  4. Pick up food, and enjoy your chopsticks!