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70's Disco

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Send out your disco dance party invitations at least 2 weeks early so guests have plenty of time to find the "just right costume".

Browse your local goodwill store for unusual clothing items and have these available at the party along with an ample supply of sunglasses, feather boas, and wigs.

Use the disco scene setters to add big impact for a small cost to your party room. Use lots of crepe paper and hang a disco "mirror ball" from the center of the room.

Deck the table out using lots of color. Surround your centerpiece with beads and lots of confetti. Black makes a great accent to the disco dancers tableware. Try putting a 9" black plate under a 7" disco dancers plate to add lots of impact!

Games and Activities
The disco party game is a great way to start the fun and get everyone mingling. Slap a game piece on each guest's back when they arrive.

Each player will have fun guessing which Disco star's name they have by asking only "yes" and "no" questions to the other guests. Of course, the winner gets a prize. How about a set of foam dice for their car?

Play Drews famous disco musis during the party but really crank it up when is time to dance.

No disco party is complete without the doing the "hussle". Find someone who knows how to disco and have them teach your guests a few moves. If an expert is not available, your local library might have a video on disco dancing.

After the dance, give each guest their own gold medal. Make the medal really fit them and what they excelled at.

For example, medals could be given for, "most energetic", "most unusual", "fastest moving hips", or "best all around". Be creative and notice your guests unique talents and personalities and reward them accordingly.

Make it a disco party to remember!