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Silly Putty

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  • Silly Putty | Original

    Silly Putty | Original

    3 in stock

  • Silly Putty | Fluorescent Bright Colors

    Silly Putty | Fluorescent Bright Colors

    10 in stock

  • Silly Putty | Glow In The Dark

    Silly Putty | Glow In The Dark

    3 in stock

  • Silly Putty | Changeable (Color Changing)

    Silly Putty | Changeable (Color Changing)

    4 in stock

4 Item(s)
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Silly Putty : What Is It?

Silly Putty is an incredible product that be molded into any shape, bounced, and also stuck to almost any surface. It truly is one of the only substances on earth that can be molded, bounced and stuck. Silly Putty won't break apart when played with so it won't create a huge mess.

Silly Putty: Where Did It Come From?

Believe it or not, Silly Putty was created by accident! During World War II, America was facing a rubber shortage. There was a call put out to American scientists to come up with a rubber substitute to fill America's need for rubber, and while a successful rubber substitute was never discovered, scientists did end up with Silly Putty. The product bounced around different labs around the world as scientists tried to figure out what it would be best used for. No substantial use was ever discovered, and the product was almost forgotten about before it ended up in the hands of a toy shop owner in New Haven, Connecticut. The toy shop owner put the product in his mail order catalog and the rest is history.

Silly Putty: What Is It Used For?

  • Fun: Silly Putty is all ages fun. Bounce it, mold it, or stick it, all without making a mess!
  • Physical Therapy: Doctors around the world have started using Silly Putty in rehabilitation centers. Silly Putty's malleable texture is perfect for building had and finger strength, as well as increasing mobility.
  • Stress Relief: Playing with Silly Putty is a great way to release stress. Offices have been ordering Silly Putty for team building exercises as well as for employees to play with in an effort to release stress.

Silly Putty: What Kind Is Right For Me?

Original Silly Putty: The Original Formula from the 1950's! Bounce it, Mold it, or Stick It....all without making a mess! $.99 per egg.

Fluorescent Silly Putty: Displays all of the properties of the Original Formula except it comes in bright colors! $1.19 per egg.

Glow In The Dark Silly Putty: Does everything that the Original Formula does, and IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! $1.49 per egg.

Color Changing Silly Putty: Changes color when you play with it! $1.49 per egg.

Bulk Silly Putty: 100 Original Formula Silly Putty eggs for only $95.97! The cheapest Bulk Silly Putty in the world!