Here's how to throw the best Under the Sea Party Ever!

Under the Sea Tableware

I’ve put together some ideas for your Under The Sea Party Theme. With winter approaching and a chill in the air, it’s fun to feel a little warmth by throwing a luau or deep sea party. The Under the Sea theme is great for birthday and theme parties alike and is a great theme for any time of year!!!

Here are some helpful ideas for throwing an unforgettable Under the Sea Party...

The first step to throwing a great Under the Sea Party is to choose your location. A room with a lot of wall space is a great place to start. Scene Setters are a great way to cover a bare wall. They look great and are so easy to use. Just unroll and evenly apply to the bare wall using heavy tape or staples.

Under the Sea Party Favors

Blue cellophane is a great way to create a water-like ceiling. Just drape it along the ceiling using tape or staples. A cellophane ceiling can look even better when you first drape a solid blue table cover along the ceiling to really create a deep blue sea effect. 3-D Fish and danglers look great hanging from the ceiling as well.

Netting will give your Deep Sea Party the authentic feel of the ocean. Drape it over walls or a door then entwine plastic lobsters, crabs and starfish throughout the netting.

Don’t forget your Under the Sea tableware and invitations to complete your party and continue your theme from start to finish.

With these simple tips your next Under The Sea party will be unforgettable!!