Baby Girl Baby Showers seem to be the theme lately so… PINK PINK PINK and a touch of BROWN FOR FALL and you’re good to go!

Two different Baby Showers with basically the same ideas and colors. Here’s how different they turned out…

Small Cello Bag

Cello bags are great bags to use for party favors. Here are two examples of ways to use different sizes of cello bags for different favors. Pictured above is a small cello bags, used to hold baby bottle and rattle shaped sugar cookies. Below, a larger sized clear cello bag was used to hold carmel apples.

Large Cello Bag Cello Bags

Both showers were open houses where guests could come and go as they pleased. Tons of yummy food was served at both so the tables were decked out with delicious looking food with solid color plates, cups, and napkins.

Baby Shower Solid Tableware

This is a beautiful homemade banner made by the host of one of the baby showers.

Homemade Banner

But if you don’t have the time or energy to make a banner, most party ensembles have a banner available to match, like this "Tickled Pink" banner pictured below. Or you can order a banner that is personalized to fit your party.

This Tickled Pink theme centerpiece is sitting on a table with a solid white tablecover on the table with a patterned tablecover draped over a cardboard box. The box is used for height.

Baby Shower Centerpiece and Balloons