One of our good friends recently underwent chemo therapy. I felt so bad for him, but was so impressed with the strength and courage and humor that he showed while undergoing the whole terrible process.

As I thought about what I might do for him to let him know that I was thinking about him, I thought about how incredible he was being throughout the whole ordeal. To me, he actually was “Mr. Incredible”! That gave me an idea of what to do.

I got an Incredibles loot bag and filled it with some miscellaneous Incredibles stuff, like an Incredibles ring, pencil, an Incredibles plastic cup, etc. I added some cashews, red licorice, Road and Track Magazine, just stuff that he might like.

I wrote a note letting him know just how “Incredible” I thought that he was and let him know that my thoughts and prayers were with him.

Pretty simple, just saying get well with a little added zip!