Zurchers is the place to get your holiday season off to a good start with elegant, festive or fun Thanksgiving tableware.

After all of the planning and preparing for your Thanksgiving feast, relax, and use these simple ideas for your tableware. Here’s a little checklist for your table’s "needs".

Thanksgiving Decoration
  • cups
  • napkins
  • table cover
  • placemats
  • plates
  • centerpieces
  • place cards

If you’ve already got the your china polished and already to place on the table, try adding printed napkins and a solid gold tablecover or any color that matches your dishes. Gold is a great fall color. I also like the chocolate brown, berry, or vanilla creme .

There are so many ways to make your table look extra special and after all of the time spent planning and preparing your Thanksgiving feast, why not show it off with great tableware.

Make the "kiddie" table extra fun!

Kids will love sitting at a place with their name on a placecard. Turkey centerpieces are also a cute addition to any Thanksgiving table. Kids will love having their own table to with their cousins, friends or siblings. It’s also nice to use paper plates, cups and silverware at the kiddie table so that nothing gets broken.

Here's a cute little holiday favor idea for your guests to take home.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations   

You will need:

  • nut cups
  • pipe cleaners
  • colored paper or felt
  • candy or nuts to fill your nut cups
  • scissors
  • glue

Make a small hole in your nut cup to stick a 2" pipecleaner thru. The pipecleaner is the turkey’s neck and head so bend it at the top to look like the head.

Next, cut some 3" feathers out of your colored paper to glue to the back of the nut cup -about 4 or 5 depending how wide you make them. Place your candy or nuts inside and Voila! Place them at each place setting for a little pre-dinner treat.