Scalloped-edge tableskirts are a lovely idea to add depth and character to your table setting. All you will need to create this look is 1- 3 table skirts, scissors and a table cover of your choice. Here's how...

  • How many layers would you like your tableskirt to have? 1, 2, or 3?                                                                                        three layers (pic 1) one layer(pic 2) 
  • What length would you like you layers to be? You can measure the height of your table then divide it by the number of layers you are using or you can just eye it. Remember that your layers will need to over lap a little to avoid gaps in the skirt.
  •  Take your table skirts out of the package and cut scallops in to the bottom edge. The scallops pictured are about 6-8 inches wide. TIP: leave the tableskirt folded for less cutting, then cut any stragglers when you unfold the tableskirt. However, the more time you take, the more uniform your skirts will look. I did mine the folded, easy way. (pic 3,4)
  • Apply your bottom layer, sticking the first skirt around the legs of the table. If you can't use the table legs, be sure to leave the bottom layers longer so each will show beneath the top layers just apply all layers around the top edge of the table. Repeat until all of your layers are in place (pic5)

Voila! You are ready to add your table cover!!! Finished Table Cover

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