Make the baby shower you are throwing complete and unforgettable by paying attention to every detail starting with your tablesetting.

After you’ve chosen your theme and color scheme start with your tablecover. Your tablecover will be your base for everything sitting on the table. Since there are so many different tablecovers to choose from and because the color of your tablecover will be the largest amount of color showing it is important to choose carefully.


  • plastic tablecovers
  • better than linen tablcovers (white paper tablecovers made to look like linen)
  • metallic tablecovers
  • irridescent tablecovers
  • printed theme tablecovers

Next choose a tableskirt to match your tablecover. Almost all of the different tablecovers have a tableskirt to match except printed tablecovers and in that case you can choose a solid color tableskirt to match a printed tablecover. Tableskirts can be used over the top of the tablecover or underneath.

Colored paper placemats look great under each tablesetting and add more color. Maybe use a bright pink placemat on a pale pink tablecover.

When setting the plates you can add detail by stacking a small 7" patterned paper plate on top of a 9" solid color paper plate.


You can order personalized napkins in a luncheon or beverage size. These napkins can be printed with two lines of wording. For example you could say “welcome baby” on one line and the baby’s name on the next.


  • balloons make a great centerpiece because they add so much color and make a big statement. Weight them down with a matching balloon weight.
  • glass or plastic pedestals can be filled with m&ms, mints or any candy to match your color scheme


  • Placecards can be used at each tablesetting and are available in most babyshower themes.
  • Favors can be put at each tablesetting. Fill little baby bottles with m&ms.
  • Confetti can be sprinkled around the table.
  • Doiles of different sizes look great placed randomly around the table.
  • Tulle can be tied around each chair with a big bow in back.