Napkins are a fantastic and inexpensive way to keep your party theme and color scheme flowing throughout your home or celebration location.

Below, I unfolded two napkins and placed them under the centerpiece. I also put a paper placemat under the napkins, but if you don’t have any placemats, don’t even worry, the napkins will look beautiful all by themselves! a bright pink solid color luncheon napkin could also be used in the place of a placemat.

Luncheon Napkins

I also placed napkins in these flower containers to add more color.

Solid Color Napkins

I think the napkins placed in the vases below add excitement to the plain ol’ clear cutlery. Don’t you?!

Pattern Napkins

Another idea is to place some guest towel sized napkins in your guest bathroom or by your kitchen sink to continue the party theme throughout your home.