When it comes to cake decorating, I am a beginner. In fact, these are the very first cakes I’ve ever decorated. There are definitely some imperfections, but I’d say they turned out pretty cute for being my first try. Trust me, if I can decorate a cake, you can too! Here’s how… Fondant Cakes
Baking Materials This was such a fun project, I just kinda made up my design to match the theme of the first birthday party I was throwing. I started with the Wilton Cake supplies to the left.

For the round, polka dot layered cake I used...

1-6" round cake pan

1-8" round cake pan

1-10" round cake pan (not shown)

For the square, striped cake I used...

1-6" square pan

Tip: If you have the time, make and decorate your cakes a few days before the party, then freeze them. This allows you to enjoy yourself while you prepare for the party because the cake is already taken care of! It also helps to relieve some stress as the party approaches. Now, just relax and follow these simple steps…

First Step: Bake the cakes. Just follow the instructions on the cake box. Be sure to grease and put flour in the bottom of you pans so the cakes will easily come out of the pans after cooling for 5-10 minutes. I placed my cakes on Wilton cake boards after cooling for easy decorating.

Step Two: Frosting the cakes. I used a Wilton Buttercream mix that was so easy. The Wilton spatula was a must- have for smoother frosting.

I first put a thin layer of frosting on the cakes, then put them in the fridge while I got the fondant ready (this step makes the second layer of frosting go on a lot smoother and crumb-less when it’s time). When the fondant was ready (see next step for fondant) to lay over the top of the cakes, I took my cakes out of the refrigerator and frosted them for the second time so the fondant would stick properly. Remember that any imperfections in your cake will show through the fondant, so make it as smooth as possible.

Step 3: Rolling the fondant. I used the Wilton ready to use white fondant to cover the cakes and I’m glad I did. It was so simple. Cut off the amount you will need for the first layer and roll it out. (you will need enough to cover your whole 10? bottom layer cake, I cut about 4-5 ” off of the chunk of fondant). Roll it out until it is about 1/8-1/4 of and inch thick. Then, lay it over the bottom cake.

Rolling Fondant

Next, form the fondant around the cake so it is the shape of the cake. Then, using a sharp knife, cut the extra fondant around the bottom edge of the cake. You can either reuse the extra fondant or discard. Repeat this step for each layer of cake. Then, stack the cakes evenly. Biggest size on the bottom to smallest on top.

For the polka dots and stripes, I used a ready made fondant kit that had browns and black colors. When I ran out of black fondant, I just added black food coloring to the dark brown fondant. Then, kneaded it until it matched the already made black fondant.

Black Fondant

If you are starting with lighter fondant color you will just keep adding black food coloring until it matches. It will take quite a bit of color to create black. That’s why I started with a color (drk brown) that was already dark.

Step Four: Roll out the black fondant and cut out your shapes. I couldn’t find the size of round cookie cutter that I was looking for, so I used a lid from a jar at home. Tip: If you use a lid from home, make sure it is smooth.

For the stripes, I just used a straight edge and a pizza cutter. To attach your shapes to your cakes, just put a little bit of water on your finger to adhere the shapes to your cake. It’s a good idea to map your design out first. After you’ve added water to your black fondant and adhered it to your cake, it will leave a mark on your white cake, making it impossible to move your shapes after you’ve applied them. Place your fondant shapes while they are still dry, then add the drop of water to make them stick permanently after you are sure of the your placing of the shapes.

Fondant Cake

Step Five: Add the frosting trim. I used buttercream frosting, but whipped frosting can be a little stiffer and easier to use. I used tip #304, and a disposable 12? decorating bag to make my border. For the color, I used fuschia, but only added a few drops of color so it came out the right color of hot pink I was looking for. Tip: Always add food coloring a few drops at a time to prevent a finished color that is too dark.

Fondant Cake Completed Fondant Cake Completed #2

My cakes didn’t turn out absolutely perfect, but I got my party theme, color scheme, and point across and had a ton of fun in the process. I will definitely continue to decorate my own cakes!!!