Gift Wrapping

I’m so excited because I’ve recently discovered the simplest, best looking way to prepare a gift for any occasion!

I start by choosing a white box to fit the gift I’m giving. You can use any color of box just make sure it is nice looking and that it matches the ribbon you choose because the box will show.

Then I choose the best color of simply sheer ribbon for the occassion. Sometimes I choose two colors like at Christmas time I would maybe use a red and a gold.

  • simply sheer ribbon comes in all colors
  • 7/8 in x 25 yds.

Next I choose a great color of wraphia to match like gold or oatmeal to match the red and gold simply sheer ribbon.

  • wraphia is available in all colors
  • 100 yds. long

Then I match all my ribbons up and tie them around the box then twist them into a t to go around the other way. The simply sheer ribbon is sheer (hence the name) ha ha so it looks great overlapping just make sure it’s laying flat.

Tie a simple bow (like you’d tie your shoe)at the top using all of the ribbons. Last cut the ribbon ends together so they all match up nicely and evenly for a fantastic finished look!/p>