You know how you often need just a little gift to give to someone to let them know that you are thinking about them? I like to keep clear cello bags on hand with ribbon and shreds in a few matching colors, so that no matter what comes up I can wrap a quick gift. It’s a great way to package fresh baked cookies or homemade candy. Or how about a bag of brightly colored gum balls or gummi bears? Just put some paper shreds in the bottom of the bag,(or not, some things are colorful enough on their own), fill and tie with matching sheer ribbon or a ribbon and wraphia bow.

Another way to "jazz up" your little package even more is to add some metallic decorative garland to your bow. This is a wire garland that comes in pretty colors with stars on it. It looks great twisted around the bag where you tie your bow and then wrap the ends of the wire around your finger to make little "curly-q’s".