p>Some of my best memories of my friends weddings are of decorating the the get-a-way car. I always had a blast teaming up with the groomsmen to sabotage the newly-weds car. This wedding tradition is an activity for wedding guests of all ages.

Here are some of my wedding car decorating ideas:

Try using white and silver window paint on the side and rear windows.. use the white to write “just married” or their names. Then, use silver to shadow the white. This creates the perfect “wedding look.”

Crepe paper streamers can be draped from the rear view mirror or hung from the back bumper along with balloons. In addition to hanging balloons it’s also fun to fill the whole car with just married balloons. -This brings a lot of laughs to watch the newly-weds try to get into their car.

Just married window clings are great for the side and rear window.

Pull bows are perfect for the door handles. They’re easy to assemble. Just pull the string. -an easy way to make your car decorating job look classy.

Just married banners can be put all over the car along with decorated wedding toilet paper.

White tissue bells look great hung from the bumper or attached to door handles.

Because I think an original decorating job is a lot more fun I put together Zurchers Wedding Car Kit, making it possible for you to have the original decorating look without taking all the time(and it’s inexpensive!!). You could also purchase a manufactured wedding car decorating kit…. but I don’t think it’s as fun. See each kit to see exactly what they include.

Imagine the surprise of the wedding couple when they find their car totally decorated as they leave the wedding party!