Here are some elegant ideas to create a beautiful wedding on a budget. Let’s start with the decorations...

These tissue flower balls look absolutely breathtaking when hung at a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, reception, or any other celebration. They can be used indoors or even outdoors as long as the weather is nice. They come in a variety of colors.

Tissue Flower Balls

… And are so easy to put together. Simply fold the already-cut tissue squares back and forth accordian-like. Then fold the tissue around the wire with the wire wrapped around the center or the folded tissue, this will be the center of the flower and is where you will attach your ribbon to hang the flower. Next, gently pull each separate sheet of tissue out, away from the center, being careful not the rip the tissue. When each sheet is pulled apart from the center, you can fluff the flower and separate any sheets of tissue that are stuck together.

Tissue Flower Balls Complete Tissue Ball Step #1 Tissue Ball Step #2
Tissue Ball Step #3 Tissue Ball Step #4

Use ribbon, tulle or string to hang these beautiful flowers from the ceiling, in trees around your yard, or use them as a lovely centerpiece.