Soccer season winding down and its time for a banquet? Here are some ideas for decorating to make your banquet special and full of team spirit!

Most of my "soccer decorating" has been done for the high school, end of season soccer banquet, so I’ll share some ideas of things that I’ve done.

A centerpiece idea that I have used is to start with a paper place mat in one of the school colors, use a pair of soccer cleats (de-mudded and free of grass is best! and actually little boy or girl cleats look good too), some of Zurchers pom poms in the school colors, balloons, and there you go! Just arrange the cleats in the center of the place mat (maybe with the heel of one propped up on the center of the other), stick the pom poms in underneath or arranged so that one kind of flows over part of the cleat), attach a bouquet of 3-5 balloons to the place mat under the cleats, or use a matching balloon weight. ( when adjusting the height of the balloons, keep them high enough to be out of peoples line of vision when sitting at the table, but not so high that they don’t seem apart of the centerpiece).

I find it easier to rent a helium tank and fill the balloons on site, rather than transporting lots of balloons. Just have your ribbons all cut and ready to attach to the balloons as you fill them. (someone at Zurchers will be happy to show you how to do the “special balloon slip knot”!)

You can add to the decor of the tables by sprinkling metallic confetti in dots or stars around the centerpiece. Foil wrapped chocolate soccer balls can be placed in a plastic “soccer ball” bowl and put on each table, or scatter them with the confetti.

Balloon bouquets in the team colors are great for the awards table and anchored to the floor near the podium.

Hanging foil stars from the ceiling is also a great way to celebrate your “star” soccer team! Use the team colors in varing sizes.

Use solid color tableware and tablecovers in team colors or mix and match with Zurchers "soccer" themed tableware.

I bet with these ideas to get you started and you adding your own personal touch, your soccer banquet decorations will look so good, you’ll be asked to do the decorations year after year! (I guess that’s a good thing?!?)

These decorating ideas are also great for a soccer player’s birthday party. Zurchers has soccer-themed invitations and birthday banners, stickers and favors (including buttermints in wrappers with soccerballs on them), and stickers for loot bags.

Don’t forget noisemakers for the playoff games!! Zurchers has cowbells, airhorns, hand clappers and noisemakers sticks. Use them to show your team spirit!