It’s graduation time and with the weather so nice I really think a luau is a MUST for the graduation party. Have the party at a pool and invite your friends and everyone you know (cuz they all want to celebrate and congratulate you cuz, well YOU DESERVE IT). Or have the party in the back yard.


  • Line the driveway or path to the party with tiki torches or luminaires
  • Float flowers in the pool
  • Decorate the serving table with a bright, luau pattern. Then add luau centerpieces like shells or candles. Balloons always make a great centerpiece.
  • Make sure every guest gets a lei and don‚Äôt forget the grass skirts!
  • Hang lanterns all over.
  • What‚Äôs a luau without the Limbo Game. Don‚Äôt forget the Limbo music!

Authentic luau music will set the mood for FUN!

Your party will be the kick off for the summer so make it BIG!