Zurchers Now Offers Lifesize Standups Online!

Invite some special friends to "hang out" at your next party. These realistic photo props will add excitement and charm to your next gathering. Make your next dinner party a red carpet event by adding lifesize celebrity cutouts. Zurchers has an abundance of lifesize characters from your favorite cartoons, sports figures, political figures, animals, celebrities, and superheros to name a few, all in lifesize.

These standups aren’t just for decorating. Use them as props in a play, stand by one in a photo, a great way to get Edward Cullen in lifesize to pose as your new boyfriend or Marilyn Monroe as your new girlfriend.

Is someone you love going to miss the next family gathering?… Blow a picture of their face up to fit on a standup, stick it to the standup, and they can be there in lifesize. This idea is perfect solution for soldiers, missionaries, anyone who might miss a reunion, wedding or any family picture.

Realistic, photo lifesize standups are a great way to enhance any social gathering.

Cardboard cutouts not only add to the decor, but they add to the guest list as well! What teenage girl wouldn’t want the Jonas Brothers at her next birthday party for conversation topic and great photos!?

Jonas Brothers Lifesize Standup  
  • western
  • disco
  • 60's
  • any holiday
  • children's birthday parties
  • Hawaiian luau
  • pirate
  • jungle
  • firemen
  • Hollywood

You can even place a cardboard cutout of a policeman as a security guard. Oh, the fun and exciting ways to use cardboard cutouts. Their possibilities are endless!

Zurchers has the lowest prices on lifesize standups.

Zurchers always offers you the lowest price on your party ware and these realistic photo cardboard cutouts are no exception. A huge supply of lifesize standup figures are in stock and all ready decorate your next party at a low price. Check them out on our website or call us for more information.

With these exciting celebrity figures adorning your next party, it’s sure to be a "stand-up" occassion!

President Lifesize Standup