Using scene setters is simple when you follow these simple steps... 1. Start with a room roll. This is your base... You can put all border rolls and add-ons on top of your room roll. Apply the room roll flat against any large, bare wall using tape or staples. Smooth the room roll against the wall as you go so it lays flat. If the room roll does not cover the whole wall from top to bottom you can hang another room roll along the top of the same design or choose a different room roll to match. 2. The next step is to add a border roll. Apply the border roll along the top or bottom of the room roll to create a finished look. The border roll can overlap the room roll or be applied right above or below the room roll if you're trying to cover more space. 3. Complete your scene with add-ons. Add-ons can be hung alone or layered over a room roll or border.