Sip up some fun with these Stylish Stix!

Stylish Stix

If you're looking for a way to entertain and wow your guests as they enjoy their drinks, then these exciting straws are just what you need.  With two different patterns, floral and chevron, you can find just the right design for your party.

Mother's Day is coming up, so throw her a party with some of the floral print Stylish Stix!  Choose from green, yellow, orange, purple, and pink, and bring a smile to her face!  These flowery straws are also great for wedding receptions, baby showers, girls' birthday parties, and just-for-fun spring picnics!

The cheveron design straws come in black, pink, red, blue, and green.  They have all kinds of different uses, from spicing up that party favor table to making your guests love your delicious punch even more!

These straws aren't just for sipping, either!  Use them for arts and crafts, for colorful displays and projects, or make jumbo-size lollipops!  They go great with our plastic milk bottles, too.  Just fill one or two up with your favorite drink, make a hole in one of the caps, and put in your favorite color of straw, and you're all set for a party!

Bottles and straws

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