With the coming of the holidays, everyone finds themselves at the center of many holiday shindigs. With these festivities comes the need for fun tableware to match the party decor. Be prepared to pass out treats in style with these colorful 4 oz. plastic candy scoops.

They come in a variety of colors to match any party theme and have a handy handle so easily scoop candy into party bags, bowls, and candy cups.

Completely reusable and made from quality plastic, the bright colors will delight your guests. Plus they have a deep bowl for added help. They are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

These transparent scoops are absolutely adorable and perfect for candy and other small items at your party or event. Each scoop is 7" long and has a hole at the end of the handle so that you can loop them together for easy storage. Delight and amaze your party guests and ensure that your party is the one talked about for years to come with these fun candy scoops.