Today we've got some great Divine Twine to share with you today!

Many varieties of these spools of twine!

Each of these spools of twine come with 240 yards of twine, and they're perfect for any project!  You can make creative art projects, hang party decorations, wrap presents, even add some beautiful borders to pictures!  There's no limit to the many uses of this twine!  And with 240 yards of it, you'll have enough for any household party or big event!


Divine twine mini spools


This twine even comes in smaller spools of 30 feet, so you can have some on the go!  Use it as an accent for your needlework projects, string up a personalized birthday banner, or brighten up a letter or package!  From red to yellow to orange and black, there's the right color for any occasion!

Lollipop Sticks

Lollipop bags

Here's another idea:  Make some lollipops with some of these designer lollipop sticks and tie bits of Divine Twine around them for some extra flair!  You can even tie these lollipop cover bags on with it, too!