Pinatas have been around since before the 14th century and are still an entertaining activity for young and adult partygoers today. Pinatas come in many different shapes… there’s one for almost EVERY party theme!

The most common use for pinatas is a party game. Fill your pinata with fun toys and candy and take turns swinging at it with a pinata stick or bat until the candy and toys fall to the floor for everyone to grab.

Pinatas also make great decoration… Use them as centerpieces or place them anywhere to add bright color and fun to your party.

Pinata Accessories…

  • Pinata Bats
  • Masks/blindfolds

Use pinatas at your…


  • Fill a luau pinata with toy sunglasses and shell necklaces.
  • Use a palm tree pinata for a centerpiece.


  • Fill a jackpot pinata with plastic or chocolate gold coins or poker chips.
  • Use jackpot pinatas all around the room for decoration.

Because there is such a wide variety of pinatas to match all of our party themes the possibilities are endless!