I’m going to give you party tips and ideas as I live my life and come accross parties and celebrations. Some of my ideas I’ve tried, while others are just new ideas that I want to share with you. Then there’s always the parties I attend where I had nothing to do with the planning but I’ll be happy to share with you other people’s ideas cuz, hey, I’ll admit, other people know what they’re doing too!

Today I’m planning my mom’s 50th birthday. Unfortunately my mom is out of town BUT that won’t stop me from making it special when she returns. I’ve chosen not to do anything big I mean the guest list will consist of just immediate family since she’s arriving late in the evening. We’ll just have a light dessert like cupcakes.

I had a personalized banner made for her in her favorite colors lime green and aqua blue. I decided to stick with that color scheme since it’s A. perfect for spring and B. She’ll be thrilled! So the banner will be hung on the front of the house for all to see that she’s 50 (hopefully I won’t get in trouble for this one hehe).

I chose blue, green and yellow butterfly mylars and will put them in bouquets with matching colors to put on the porch near the banner and on the mailbox to catch passerby’s attention. YEP, everyone will know she’s getting up there in age.

Yellow dragonly printed luminaires will line the path to the front door to create a magical, warm spring mood.

Big blue, lime green, and yellow lanterns will be hung along the porch.

I just know she’s going to love this birthday even in it’s simplicity.