A few of my favorite things… Balloons, balloons, balloons! Why? Cuz a party isn’t a party without the balloons. BUT, balloons aren’t JUST for parties. I like to give them as gifts, congratulations, get well wishes, thank yous, or just to brighten someone’s day. You can’t get more BRIGHT than a balloon bouquet.


  • Balloon arches
  • Balloon bouquets‚Ķ
    • Centerpieces for weddings, birthdays, ANY event or just for fun!
    • Tape or secure them to the ends of a stage
    • Tape or secure a huge bouquet to the floor in an entry way
  • Float them in a pool using just air.

Balloons can be elegant or fun but, one thing is always certain they are sure to brighten any occasion and everyone’s mood.


  • Congratulations
    • arrival of a brand new baby tip: you can‚Äôt take latex balloons into the hospital, just mylar
    • a new job or promotion
    • anniversaries
  • Birthday
    • childs birthday
    • adult birthday
  • Goodbye
  • Retirement
  • Thank You
  • Get Well
  • You're Appreciated
  • To Cheer You


Why balloons are better (in my opinion of course)…

  • NO water required.
  • Balloons make a statement and show your personal style. You can‚Äôt miss a bouquet of balloons when trying to find the birthday party at a restaurant.
  • Flowers usually wilt and die quickly but, mylar balloons, or latex balloons with hi float, can last much longer.
  • Balloons are usually much less expensive.
  • Balloons add much more color cuz they‚Äôre BIGGER!
  • Balloons take up more space so it‚Äôs easier to get the look you want with less.