Baby Shower Invitations

Welcome the brand new baby boy or girl in style!

Start with a personalized printed shower invitation.

Hint: When choosing an invitation for a baby or bridal shower I also look at wedding invitations because sometimes the colors I’m looking for are on a wedding invitation.

Lately I’ve been going with the latest trend “brown“. The color brown is perfect for baby showers when used with pink OR blue. For example I like to use either pink or blue polka dot napkins and plates with a brown tablecover.

I love to use tulle whenever possible. A large spool 10 yds x 54? is great to drape frome doorways or to tie a big bow around the back of a chair. Use the smaller tulle spools to tie bows on the banister. Tulle circles can be used for favors.

Great favor ideas..

Make a candy favor using clear fillable baby bottles. Then tie a bow around the top of each with simply sheer ribbon.

Tulle 9" circles are also great to fill with candy. Just wrap the tulle around the candy and tie a bow with simply sheer ribbon.

3√ó4" favor pouches make a great favor holder.


Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Trivia…cards with questions to break the ice at any baby shower.

Baby Shower Game Books… contain all you need to to get your baby shower off to a fast and funny start!