Create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding reception, or wedding dinner, by adding paper lanterns.

Paper Lanterns

Lanterns are a fabulous addition to any indoor or outdoor party. They are easy to assemble and look absolutely beautiful. In the photo above, the lanterns have been hung evenly across the room with twinkle lights draped between. Hanging from the bottom of each lantern is a 2-3? crystal creating a magical feeling.

Lanterns can be hung with twine, curling ribbon, satin ribbon, or wire. This look is finished off beautifully with a satin ribbon hanging from the bottom of the lantern, either tied in a bow or just a knot with two tails hanging down. The ribbon is a wonderful way to add color to a plain, white lantern.

It also looks nice to hang different sizes of lanterns in a group of 3 or more. This looks best when you vary the length of ribbon or string you hang the lanterns from. Your guests will not easily forget your lovely soiree.